cr: ning1007

cr: ning1007

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and then there’s yesung

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Photo by 摩理_茶;【荏苒Time Past】

Please copy the site information when you take the picture out.

Please don’t remove the LOGO or change anything of the picture.

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@mbcsimsimtapa: (He) had come had come. Super oppa had come!! It’s Super Junior 7th debut anniversary. Second leader, Eunhyuk-ssi had come!!! Today we received Eunhyuk’s cheer!! Combined with our Shindong DJ’s energy!! Totally exciting, be together with Super broadcast!!(c)

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kyuhyun, the most beautiful voice of the oceans

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121106 SSTP; Eunhyuk - 7 years of love [DL]

“A fan sent message, she asked him to sing and he sang “7 Years Of Love”. Eunhyuk tried hard not to laugh while singing but Dong was laughing, Hyuk told him to stop..  After finished, Dong praised him” (c)

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